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Career Based Learning

Start Small Dream Big

At Wiveliscombe Primary School, we recognise that children’s aspirations for their futures can be influenced by environmental factors.

The ‘Drawing the Future Report’ (Education and Employers, 2018); ‘The Big Ask Survey’ (de Souza, 2022) and the ‘What works? Career-related learning in primary schools’ guide (2018) recognised that children’s career aspirations (age 7-17) were most strongly influenced by family, TV, radio, film. Further, children’s ambitions – although apparent- are affected by gender stereotyping (from the age of 5), social background and societal expectations by limiting children’s beliefs about what they can do. This research shows that having narrow occupational expectations and aspirations can, and do, influence the academic effort children exert in lessons, the subjects they choose to study and the jobs that they therefore pursue.


  • Increase students’ awareness of career/ work opportunities and pathways;
  • Increase pupils’ understanding of the link between education, qualifications and work opportunities;
  • Reduce gender-specific career/role stereotypes;
  • Engage parents/carers in the process and so change their attitudes, perceptions and aspirations relating to their children’s education and career choices.

Note: our aims do not encourage children to make premature choices about their futures, but does allow them to think broadly about a multitude of options. We do a number of things consistently as part of our curriculum to achieve this.


  • Providing career learning as a subject in its own right: where pupils build their knowledge of careers in a similar way to any other subject.
  • Incorporating career learning within other subjects: which helps pupils to see how their subject learning and skills they are developing are linked to and relevant for the world of work.
  • Organising career learning through co-curricular activities: such as enrichment activities (such as STEM clubs) which are strongly connected to the formal curriculum.



Career-Related Learning Lead: Rachael Hill 

Career-Related Learning Link Governor: Nicola Topps

We are delighted that Paddocks Nursery School is a part of Wiveliscombe Primary School